Duo Dillon-Torquati on Tour

Duo Dillon-Torquati is going to perform extensively in the first two months of the year.

Their engagements include 3 concerts in Pescara, Rome and Campobasso, with a program devoted to Franz Liszt (recently released for Brilliant Classics), Busoni, Bartòk and Strauss, including a premiere of Italian composer Mauro Cardi especially written for them.

After this first round of concerts, they’re going to present a second version of last year successful project “DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES”, at Area Sismica, Villa Romana and NY Musikk in Oslo. This new edition will include beside Brahms and Schumann Lieder, a world premiere by Argentinian composer Martin Bauer and German composer Carola Bauckholt, a new piece by emerging talent Daniele Ghisi, plus Peter Ablinger Voices and piano and Jacob TV piece for cello, piano and electronic based on Chet Baker’s last interview.