Fall Recitals and Distat Terra Academy

Emanuele will perform several Solo Recitals during in the Fall, in Italy and South-America.

“Omaggio a Giancarlo Cardini”, a tribute to his Professor, distinguished pianist and composer, will be presented at Area Sismica Forlì on 6th November and on 8th November at the 40th Edition of “Rassegna di Nuova Musica” in Macerata. The program includes 3 of Cardini’s beloved composers, Satie, Cage and Castaldi, and of his composition, “Secondo Improvviso”, devoted to Emanuele Torquati.

In December, a new version of “L’Anima e la Danza” will be showcased on7th December at Teatro Pirandello for the Italian Institute of Culture in Lima (Peru) and on 11th December at Distat Terra Festival in Patagonia (Argentina), adding to the project released one year ago for Stradivarius some recent pieces by Maurizio Azzan and Martino Traversa, alongside important works by Couperin and Messiaen. After this concert, Emanuele will teach for a week at Distat Terra Academy giving masterclasses to students from all over the World from 12th till 16th December.



Lezioni di Musica on Radio3 Podcast

Emanuele Torquati ha da poco presentato su Radio3 un ciclo di 4 “Lezioni di Musica”, programma con cui collabora dal 2015, con ampi estratti musicali eseguiti dal vivo.

La prima coppia è dedicata a pagine del Novecento storico, ovvero le “Valses nobles et sentimentales”, quintessenza della Danza secondo Maurice Ravel, e le “Piano Variations” scritte da Aaron Copland nel 1930, lavoro acuminato amatissimo anche da Leonard Bernstein.

La seconda coppia accosta invece il suggestivo ultimo brano del fluviale ciclo “Catalogue d’oiseaux” di Olivier Messiaen con le recenti “Piano Figures” (2004) dell’inglese George Benjamin, che di Messiaen fu anche allievo presso il Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris.

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Olivier Messiaen – LE COURLIS CENDRE’

George Benjamin – PIANO FIGURES

NEW CD RELEASE – “L’Anima e la Danza”

Emanuele recorded his last Solo Project “L’Anima e la Danza” on last January during the Pandemic and the Album has been released on 15th September for prestigious Stradivarius Music Label and distributed worldwide by NAXOS.

Listen HERE to the Radio Broadcast on RADIO3 Suite and on Swiss RSI, with 2 Interviews plus excerpts from the Cd (Couperin’s Barricades Mystérieuses, Ravel’s Pavane pour une Infante défunte, Benjamin’s Piano Figures, Chopin and Filidei Berceuses).

Listen HERE to “Primo Movimento” Broadcast, devoted to Torquati’s interpretation of Faurè last Nocturne.

“L’Anima e la Danza” is a path through a kaleidoscope of Sounds that belongs to extremely diverse musical and poetic worlds. The Dialogue between Couperin musical personifications and this twofold essence is at times ironic, as in Castiglioni and Filidei, or stylised as in Benjamin and Pesson; at times is oneiric, as in Chopin, Busoni and Faurè. Everything is framed by Ravel’s sublime reinterpretations of the Pavane and Waltz genres, summarized by Henri de Regnier’s epigraph: “Le plaisir délicieux et toujours nouveau d’une occupation inutile”.



“L’Anima e la Danza” @ Bari Piano Festival

Emanuele Torquati will present his latest Solo Project, “Dance and Soul”, at the 4th Edition of Bari Piano Festival.

This Project will be released in CD for Stradivarius in September and it was partially featured at Radio3 Suite last March.

!! CLICK HERE here for the PODCAST !!

The Avant-Premiere of the CD release will include two Ravel Masterworks such as “Pavane pour une infante defunte” and “Valses nobles et sentimentales”, but also Filidei latest piano piece, “Berceuse”, alongside Benjamin’s Piano Figures and Castiglioni “In principio era la danza”. The concert will take place on 27th August at Castello Svevo at 7 pm and will be introduced by brilliant pianist and musicologist Luca Ciammarughi.


Back on Stage!

Emanuele Torquati will be back on stage on 1st June for the Opening of 31st Edition of “Traiettorie Festival”, at Casa della Musica di Parma, with a solo Recital including works by David Lang and George Benjamin, alongside Copland Piano Variations, Griffes Three Tone-Pictures op. 5, and Ravel Masterworks Pavane pour une infante defunte and Valses nobles et sentimentales. This fascinating program will be played again in Milan, for the 10th Edition of PianoCity, on 27th June.

Moreover, Emanuele will join again also his long-time chamber music partner, cellist Francesco Dillon, for a couple of concerts. The first will take place in Forlì, at “Open Music Festival”, on 26th June, including pieces by Giacinto Scelsi and Jacob TV paired with Debussy G minor Sonata. The second will be in Vienna, at Sternberg Palais, on 29th June, in the frame of their “Distant voices, still lives” project, also presenting a world premiere by Karlheinz Essl written for the Duo!


Radio Broadcast on Radio3 – “Dance” in 20th and 21st Century Piano Music

Concerts are cancelled and postponed due to the Pandemic!

Next engagements will start from May on, but meanwhile Emanuele was invited from RADIO3 to give a Lecture on Piano Repertoire of 20th and 21st Century in conversation with Oreste Bossini. Focus will be the “Dance”, and how this theme has been developed from different composers, a.o. Ferruccio Busoni and Niccolò Castiglioni, but also Maurice Ravel with his elusive “Pavane pour une Infante defunte”. Final work of the performance will be “Piano Figures”, a wonderful and dazzling miniatures cycle written by George Benjamin for French pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard.

The Live show will be  broadcasted on 26th March at 11 pm and available afterwards on Radioplay podcast channel.



Beethoven Perspectives and more!

Duo Dillon-Torquati will be back on stage for a reprise of “Beethoven Perspectives”, a project devoted to the Complete Sonatas and Variations by the great Ludwig Van, coupled with three different New Music pieces related to his music.

After acclaimed performances in New York and Vienna, the Duo will propose the first concert of the project on 17th October for Amici della Musica di Ancona and on 24th October in Milan, for “Festival Musica al Tempio”, alongside the Italian Premiere of Helena Winkelman’s “Vis à Vis Goya”, Seven miniatures inspired from Goya’s drawings.

More, on 1st November, the Duo will perform “Distant Voices, Still Lives” project at Accademia Filarmonica di Rovereto in the beautiful venue of MART, featuring works a.o. by Brahms, Fauré, Zemlinsky and Sciarrino.



REPRISE with Chamber Music!

Emanuele will be back on stage with LIVE Concerts in September, firstly for Accademia dei Cameristi di Bari, a glorious Institution active since more than 20 years and promoting young talents tutoring from experienced musicians. This year project will be devoted to Piano Trios, the rare “Tristia”, Liszt’s own arrangement of his famous Piano piece “Vallee d’Obermann”, Saint-Saens colorful version of Liszt Poème Symphonique “Orpheus”, and the seminal and dark Piano Trio in g minor op. 3 by Ernest Chausson. Concerts will take place at 8,30 pm in Auditorium La Vallisa in Bari on the 7th and in Chiostro dei Minori Osservanti in Fasano on the 8th, together with young talents Christian Sebastianutto (violin) and Ilario Fantone (cello).

After some days, it will be the turn of an All Fauré Project for the 17th Edition of “La Via Lattea Festival” in Lugano (Swiss), with long-term musical partners flutist Manuel Zurria and cellist Francesco Dillon. Beautifully lyrical works by Gabriel Fauré for piano like a selection of Preludes op. 103 and his last Nocturne, and some important chamber works, will be presented alongside two World Premieres written for the occasion by Swiss composers Jurg Frey and Mario Pagliarani for the Trio. This brand new program will take place on 12th and 13th September at the wonderful venue of Trevano Castle, close to Lake Lugano.



Online Streaming @ Amici della Musica di Modena!

Il Duo Dillon- Torquati terrà un concerto il prossimo 11 giugno alle 21 in streaming presso il Teatro “M. Troisi” di Nonantola per la Stagione Concertistica degli Amici della Musica di Modena. L’evento, fruibile in diretta sulla Pagina Facebook degli ADM, partirà alle 17,30 con un incontro col liutaio Bernard Neumann, per poi proseguire con un Question-Time assieme al critico musicale Guido Barbieri, al musicologo Franco Fabbri e al Direttore del Festival della Filosofia Daniele Francesconi e si concluderà con il concerto del Duo alle 21.

Distant voices, still lives, prende il nome dal fascinoso cult-movie di Terence Davies ed è un percorso ideato dal Duo Dillon-Torquati sul filo della memoria, alla ricerca, all’inseguimento di una moltitudine di voci fuggenti. Voci che raccontano, voci che cantano, voci assenti, voci soltanto evocate. Un viaggio musicale per violoncello e pianoforte, attraverso Lieder romantici (Brahms, Liszt, Zemlinsky), Lieder contemporanei (Pagliarani), fantasmi di canzoni popolari (Zimmermann e Lachenmann) e di note canzoni (Stardust in Sciarrino), memorie di personaggi celebri come il jazzista Chet Baker in Jacob TV, canti funebri (Faurè che commemora Napoleone Bonaparte nello struggente Chant funèraire dalla seconda sonata) trasformate in un gioco di specchi e di echi che vuole superare le barriere stilistiche e di genere per creare un nuovo filo rosso fra suoni solo apparentemente lontani fra di loro.