9th Edition Music@VillaRomana in Florence!

Musikkarte_A5_2018.inddThe ninth edition of Music@VillaRomana – the concert series curated by Emanuele Torquati and Francesco Dillon – goes by the title Timeless Polyphonies. It will follow the common theme of timeless and spaceless mutating polyphonies that are rich in assonances and references to worlds only seemingly distant from each other, from both the stylistic and temporal points of view.
The program of Timeless Polyphonies is distinguished by the superb level of accomplishment of the invited artists and the variety of events on offer. It is a quest for non-sectorial musical directions that bring together only apparently distant languages (classical and contemporary music, electronics, improvisation, figurative art and oral narration) through themes that go beyond categories and aim at speaking to (and helping to create) a curious and dynamic audience.

The absolute protagonist of the first event, Timeless Polyphonies (15 – 16 June), will be the music of the Austrian composer Thomas Larcher, a distinguished pianist who has lately been in the limelight on the European music scene with commissions for the Wiener Philarmoniker and Bregenzer Festspiele. For the first time in Italy, Larcher will be present at Music@VillaRomana both as a composer and as a pianist and, at his express request, his works will be in dialogue with the seminal last works of Franz Liszt. The references and relationships between these two languages, chronologically distant but similar in imagination, will be echoed in the following Night Concert by the eclectic composer Zeno Baldi, a rising star in the latest generation of Italian composers, appearing here as an electronic musician. The play of voices, and hence of polyphonies, will continue with an intimate moment dedicated to chamber music with the Italian premiere of works by Jay Schwartz – current fellow at Villa Massimo in Rome – and Helena Winkelman – a Swiss composer and talented violinist, winner of the Schweizer Musikpreis 2017 – as well as the Italian premiere of the Primo Studio piano solo by the Sicilian composer Emanuele Casale.
Other timeless dialogues- between ancient and modern- will feature in the Suoni Pizzicati project, involving Magnus Andersson, an electric guitarist, and Stefano Maiorana, a theorbist, who will alternately play Baroque pieces and pieces by contemporary composers joining in a duet in the new work commissioned by Music@VillaRomana from the Argentine composer José Manuel Serrano.

MAY Concerts!

Emanuele Torquati will be on stage for several Concerts in May, playing Solo and Chamber Music!

Starting on 7th May at Casa della Musica in Parma, with cellist Francesco Dillon, for “Verso Traiettorie” Festival, a program featuring Faurè Second Sonata and Debussy’s masterwork, “Melencolia 1″ by Salvatore Sciarrino, plus a new solo Piano Piece “La Notte Invisibile” written for him by Francesco Pavan.

On 10th May at Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile in Torino, Emanuele will perform Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” in the Version for piano and Wind Quintet and works by D. Milhaud and Jean Francaix for De Sono Associazione per la Musica.

On 20th May will be the turn of Fondazione Prada in Milan, for “Imaginary Bridges between Europe and America”, a Solo project devoted to his beloved Ferruccio Busoni and Charles Tomlinson Griffes, whom Emanuele devoted his last Album “The Vale of Dreams”.

Last but not least, he will take part to the consistent Homage to Philip Glass at the Austrian Festival “Musik Im Riesen” on 25th May, playing with the composer himself his work “Two Movements for 4 Pianos” in the wonderful setting of Swarovski Kristallwelten.




Arrangements of the First Violin Sonata and groups of songs and Hungarian dances, made by Brahms’s contemporaries for an idiom close to the composer’s heart, in new recordings by an experienced partnership.

Duo Dillon-Torquati conclude their fourth album for Brilliant Classics in a lighter vein, with nine of the ever-popular Hungarian Dances, arranged to stylish effect by the Italian virtuoso Alfredo Piatti who did so much to advance the cause of the cello as a solo instrument in the 19th century. The Italian duo’s pair of Schumann albums and Liszt Complete Works, were warmly welcomed in the critical press: reviewing the second volume, Il corriere musicale noted the ‘persuasive, vibrant tone of Francesco Dillon and refined pianism from Emanuele Torquati.’ 

Johannes Brahms was a keen transcriber, he wrote numerous arrangements of his own works and those of others. Moreover he was happy when others transcribed his works for other instruments, that is when it was done by musicians he trusted. He considered it a form of theft for love, a manifestation for respect for tradition and a sign of friendship. 
The transcriptions on this new recording were fully approved by Brahms, and they even found their place in the Brahms Thematic Catalogue made up by his publisher Simrock. The transcribers are Alfredo Piatti (Hungarian Dances), Paul Klengel (violin sonata No. 1) and Norbert Salter (songs). It is fascinating how essentially Brahmsian these transcriptions for cello and piano sound, the deep and slightly melancholy sonority of the cello fits Brahms music extremely well. 



Duo Dillon-Torquati on Tour

Duo Dillon-Torquati will be on Tour in February, starting with 2 concerts in Italy on 2nd and 3rd, then in Germany (on 9th in Stuttgart) and Denmark (on 13th in Copenaghen). The program will feature a rare transcription of Brahms most lyrical Sonata op. 78 in D Major, which will be part of the new All-Brahms CD of the Duo. Beside two important works of French repertoire, Debussy Sonata and Fauré seminal Second Sonata. Venues will be Torri dell’Acqua in Budrio (Bologna), Amici della Musica di Modena, and Italian Cultural Institutes in Stuttgart and Copenaghen.


Trio Zurria-Dillon-Torquati @ Rome Concerts

The Trio, active since some years, formed by outstanding flutist Manuel Zurria, and Duo Dillon-Torquati will give two concerts in Rome during next December, at 54th Edition of Nuova Consonanza Festival and for the 2017/2018 Season of prestigious Accademia Filarmonica Romana.

Two different projects are on the menu: on 1st December at MACRO Museum (9 pm), the musical selection will include New Music written by French and Italian composers, such as Francesco Filidei, Christophe Bertrand, Yan Maresz, Règis Campo; on 13th December at Sala Casella (8,30 pm), a new performance of “Intimate Letters: Hommage to Gyorgy Kurtàg” will be given, with repertoire ranging from Bach to Hosokawa.

villa romana 2017_12

Duo Dillon-Torquati in Sweden!

After their successful concert at IAC Malmoe of last May, Duo Dillon-Torquati comes back to Sweden for two concerts devoted to the Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer, Nobel Prize winner in 2011. The project “TRANCE-TRAUM: Words and Sounds around Tomas Transtromer” will introduce the audience to the visionary world of his verses, related to specific musical works loved by the great poet. Commissioned works by Silvia Borzelli, Jonatan Sersam and Alessandro Perini will be paired with music by Grieg, Schumann, Britten and Sciarrino and concerts will take place on 19th October in the Hall of Italian Institute of Culture in Stockholm for the Festival “Specchi Italiani”, and on 22nd October in Umea for the “Italian Cultural Week”. Watch the whole project HERE !


Paris Recital

Emanuele Torquati will perform a Solo Recital in Paris on 19th September at 7,30 pm, at the Hotel de Galliffet, hall of the Italian Institute of Culture. Emanuele was selected for the residency program “Les Promesses de l’Art” in 2014 and now will be back for an exciting program which include a World Premiere by rising talent Giovanni Bertelli, written especially for this occasion. The new work, “Bar-bar”, is also based on theatrical gestures and is filled of virtuosic stamina.

The musical selection includes two seminal pieces by Schumann, the fragile Blumenstuck op. 19 and the passionate Novellette op. 21 n. 8, and the iconic Tenth Sonata by Alexander Skrjabin. The musical journey will be accomplished with rare Sonata written by Charles Griffes at the end of his life, in 1920. This last work is included in Emanuele Torquati’s last CD release, who won great critical acclaim, devoted to Griffes Solo Piano Music.


Griffes Cover

New Concerts!

Duo Dillon-Torquati will open the 53th Edition of Pontino International Festival on 2nd July with a program alternating New Music Works and Beethoven Sonata op. 102 n. 2 and Schumann’s Fantasiestucke op. 73. They will give the Italian Premier of Matthias Pintscher‘s Uriel (2012) and perform “Memorie di Tempesta” by Federico Gardella, written for the Duo and premiered at Venice Biennale in 2015.

On 6th July, the Duo with flutist Manuel Zurria will present “Intimate Letters on G.K.” at Festival L’Arsenale in Treviso, a project devoted to the great Gyorgy Kurtàg which spans from Johann Sebastian Bach till works written for the Trio among others by Toshio Hosokawa, Peter Eotvos and Howard Skempton.



Artist in Residence @ DAR Lithuania

Emanuele Torquati has been nominated “Artist in Residence” at DAR Center  for Arts (Lithuania), after his successful debut with Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra last October with Kurtàg’s Double Concerto at GAIDA FESTIVAL.

He will give two Recitals under the title “Dreams and Landscapes”, on 7h June in Vilnius at Ciurlionis Museum, and on 8th June at Ciurlionis Memorial House in Druskininkai. The program will be devoted to rarities of 20th Century, spanning from Alexander von Zemlinsky to Charles Griffes, including a seminal work by renowned Lithuanian painter and composer M.K. Ciurlionis, “The Sea op. 28″.

On 12th June, at Alytus Conservatory, Emanuele will give Piano masterclasses and a Lecture-Recital on Italian New Wave of composers, including three works written for him by Francesco Filidei, Vittorio Montalti and Maurilio Cacciatore.

Emanuele Torquati plakatas Druskininkai


May Concerts

Emanuele Torquati will join again his long-term chamber music partner, cellist Francesco Dillon, for a performance of their “Distant Voices, Still Lives” project at IAC Malmoe (Sweden) on 5th of May. For this special occasion, the Duo will give the premiere of two new works, respectively written by Jonatan Sersam and Alessandro Perini.

On 15th May, Emanuele will give a Solo Recital in Padova, in the fascinating venue of Sala della Carità, for the Festival organized by Fondazione Omizzolo Peruzzi. The program will include pieces by Silvio Omizzolo, Skrjabin 10th Piano Sonata, Zemlinsky Rustic Dances op. 1 and last but not least the virtuosic Piano Sonata by Charles Tomlinson Griffes.

On 30th May at Conservatorio “Giuseppe Verdi” in Torino, Emanuele will join a Trio composed by cellist Francesco Dillon and violinist Bogdan Bozovic, former member of historical Vienna Piano Trio, for a program ranging from Robert Schumann to Ivan Fedele Funfzehn Bagatellen, including a new work written by Stefano Pierini for the project “Ritorno al Futuro” organized by Associazione DE SONO.