Fall Recitals

Emanuele will play three Solo Recitals in October, proposing his new project “Musica della Notte”.

The program includes pieces that are related to the nocturnal world in different ways, such as Gabriel Faurè first and last Nocturnes, Debussy Suite Bergamasque, with the famous Clair de Lune, Ferruccio Busoni seminal Elegies n. 3 and 6 (Notturno), but also a recent piano work written by Simone Corti, Compendium, with references to Debussy Clair de Lune and Franz Liszt. In fact, the end of this journey are his Variations on Bach’s theme “Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen”, composed after the death of his beloved daughter.

Dates are on 11th October in the beautiful Hall of Ateneul Bucarest for a coproduction between Romanian Phil and Italian Institute of Culture, on 13th for the Balkan Composers Academy in Tirana for the IIC, and on 21st for the 25th edition of Festival Microludi in Cislago.




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