Distant voices, Still lives

Duo Recital with Francesco Dillon, cello and Emanuele Torquati, piano

“Distant voices, Still lives”, recalling Terence Davies fascinating movie, is based on a free but somehow musically logical sequence of pieces from very distant periods and styles all connected by the idea of transferring or imitating or the human voice on piano and or cello. Some of them are “Lieder” in rare transcriptions from composers epoque (Brahms by Brahms, Schumann and Mendelssohn by Grutzmacher, Liszt by Liszt), others well known pieces inspired by folk songs (Lachenmann, Walter Zimmermann, Kurtàg). The project is composed by a wide selection of Songs without words from both Romantic repertoire and New Music pieces, until Sciarrino’s version of popular song Star Dust or Thomas Adès version of John Dowland’s Let me Dwell. Moreover, it included pieces premiered by Duo Dillon-Torquati like Brett Dean’s Elegy and Hosokawa’s Lied III. In 2012, new pieces were commissioned to Italian Daniele Ghisi and German Carola Bauckholt, and the program will feature also Jacob Ter Veldhuis piece for cello, piano and boombox based on Chet Baker’s last interview.

F. Mendelssohn (1809-1847)

Lieder ohne worte op. 30 n. 3, op. 38 n.2, op. 53 n. 2, op. 19 n. 4

H. Lachenmann (1935)

Haenschen klein, da “Ein Kinderspiel” (1981) for piano

A. Zemlinsky (1871-1942)


W. Zimmermann (1949)

Monade/Nomade 1 – DIT (1999) for cello solo

T. Adès (1971)

Darknesse visible – after John Dowland (1992) for piano solo

Jacob TV (1951)

May this bliss never end (2008) for cello, piano and boombox

F. Liszt (1881-1886)

Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth S382 (1883)

Daniele Ghisi (1984)

Chansons for cello and piano and lo-fi electronic device (2012)

1- L’autre d’antan ; 2 – Presque transi ; 3 – Ma bouche rit

R. Schumann  (1810-1856)

Widmung op. 25 n. 1, Die Lotosblume op. 25 n. 7

Carola Bauckholt (1959)

Ohne worte for cello solo and CD

Peter Ablinger (1959)

from Voices and piano (1998-2011) for piano and CD

Pierpaolo Pasolini

S. Sciarrino (1947)

Melencolia 1 (1980)

G. Faurè (1845-1924)

Chant funèraire, from Sonate n. 2 op. 117