Fall Recitals and Distat Terra Academy

Emanuele will perform several Solo Recitals during in the Fall, in Italy and South-America.

“Omaggio a Giancarlo Cardini”, a tribute to his Professor, distinguished pianist and composer, will be presented at Area Sismica Forlì on 6th November and on 8th November at the 40th Edition of “Rassegna di Nuova Musica” in Macerata. The program includes 3 of Cardini’s beloved composers, Satie, Cage and Castaldi, and of his composition, “Secondo Improvviso”, devoted to Emanuele Torquati.

In December, a new version of “L’Anima e la Danza” will be showcased on7th December at Teatro Pirandello for the Italian Institute of Culture in Lima (Peru) and on 11th December at Distat Terra Festival in Patagonia (Argentina), adding to the project released one year ago for Stradivarius some recent pieces by Maurizio Azzan and Martino Traversa, alongside important works by Couperin and Messiaen. After this concert, Emanuele will teach for a week at Distat Terra Academy giving masterclasses to students from all over the World from 12th till 16th December.